About Company

YaYpLee Marketing Company is a venture of Concave Digital Pvt. Ltd. Est. in 2013. Since we began with our new entity as YaYpLee Marketing Company in 2017, we have continued to learn and refine our process as the industry evolves, becoming one of the top SEO companies in the India. We developed advanced quality results-driven strategies and a cutting-edge content development and marketing team.

Why to choose us

  • We have our highly experienced team who specialize in implementing custom SEO strategies
  • Our Proven Track Record of Satisfied Clients that have achieved more success with our marketing strategy
  • Our Proprietary Tracking and Analytics that allow clients to see ranking improvements and new traffic sources in real time
  • Our Transparency of Online Marketing Efforts that keeps clients involved and informed
  • Our Ability to Get Results that increase our clients’ online visibility and overall success

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We continually keep our SEO strategies and tactics evolving to ensure that our clients see an effective campaign with productivity and sustainability.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

With the social media becoming a powerful tool of communication and creating connections online, businesses of any size and type today need a very strong social media presence to catch the potential customers’ attention easily.

DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO)

It suits most small players who’d prefer to attempt SEO all by themselves instead of spending a large chunk of money. After all, SEO is not rocket science, and many website owners have amplified their traffic to spectacular numbers without having to become SEO specialists.

We have complete solution to online marketing that your business required.

Digital Prudence

While other companies may speak of their accomplishments, we look forward to showing you results. Being a full service online marketing company, we offer a wide array of online marketing services to improve the overall productivity of your online marketing efforts and help you to achieve your business goals for the future. Our expert team always come up with unique ideas and creates solutions exactly around your online business needs.


To grow with client’s business growth while delivering accredited internet marketing services.

Our goals and objectives

  • To help our clients achieve the best possible results, following best practices.
  • To deliver highest-value, highest-converting web traffic rather than a stream of random visitors.
  • To generate highly focused leads ready to make purchases.
  • To make you significant ROI.