How long does SEO take?
Do Google Maps results count toward my SEO rankings?
Yes, Google Maps listing appears in top #10 ranking and hence it is considered as a part of organic search result, making it an important part of SEO campaign. We optimize both organic search results and your Google Maps results to bring you the most relevant search traffic.
Should I invest in SEO or PPC?
Studies show, SEO results are more likely to get clicked than paid search results. The idea is that these results are perceived to be more trustworthy than an “advertisement.” Hence investing in SEO is a good idea and beneficial in long run.
Why do my rankings fluctuate?
Ranking fluctuation is a normal phenomenon and it takes place due to changes in search engine ranking algorithm. In order to make its search results look organic, Search engines keep refreshing their database with new information and reallocate ranking position based on its fresh relevancy stats. This helps them improve their user experience.
How will a Google Update affect my business and website?
Google update once rolled out affects poor quality content and bad toxic links likewise some over optimized webpage too get punished. If you implement right on-page SEO and follow ethical linking strategy then such updates will have no effect on your website and your business.
How long does it take to get indexed by Google?
There is no sure shot prediction. It might get indexed in a day or two in some cases while in few cases it might take long like a week or a month.
What are inbound links? Are they important?
Inbound links are your external reference. It has a big importance for your website caching and indexing. Any website hosts your website pages link helps search engine bots navigate from that website to yours. This improves your caching and indexing frequency and boosts your ranking position on SERP.


What is SEO?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that makes your website pages appear at the highest possible ranking position on organic search. SEO can beat your competition making your way to the top ranking position and can increase your sales multifold.
How do the search engines rank my site?
Search engines crawler reviews all the pages similar to your business after indexing all of them. They run a kind of audit to identify which page is most relevant and which one is the least. They organize and classify all the webpage as per their relevancy and allocate ranking accordingly.
How long does SEO last?
SEO is a slow process that takes months to achieve ranking but once it is achieved lasts for very long. However, like you and us, our competitors also know about SEO and they may beat our ranking by securing top position for them if you stop doing SEO at any point of time in future.
Why are my rankings different on my mobile compared to my home computer?
Search trend is a factor – people browsing stuffs through mobile differently than they brows on desktop or laptop. Besides search trend, mobile devices prefer showing links that have accelerated mobile pages hosted on it while desktop ignores this AMP parameter.
What is the difference between SEO and PPC?
SEO leads has much higher Conversion rate than PPC SEO gives no instant result and it’s a slow process while PPC can help you taste little initial success within a day or two. SEO is slow process but once ranking is achieved it lasts for long even after you stop investing in SEO it will keep growing your sales. However, PPC is one time game – you just pay and get leads, stop paying and no leads.


Do I need SEO?
No, if you are Jeff Bezos and your website is Amazon. Yes, if you are small and medium size business owner eyeing some potential business opportunity from online search space.
How much will SEO cost?
We offer different SEO packages and customize them as per the client needs. Our Starter SEO package costs USD $399/mo. We also charge one time campaign set up fee for USD $50.
Why is SEO worth the investment?
Any investment avenues signaling higher return are worth to be considered. SEO can help you grow your business by increasing your sales revenue. You can reap the benefit within year and scale up for higher return by investing more into high quality SEO.
Why should I outsource my SEO rather than attempting it myself?
Outsourcing SEO work will help you acquire the best SEO talents from across the Globe. If you can outsource it to India you can save some money as result of Indian currency being slipping to its weakest ever level.
How long will I need to continue my SEO efforts for?
At least for Six Month. Based upon your experience you can continue with your SEO campaign or you can get it paused.
How do I decide who to hire for SEO?
Check for SEO Company’s achievement in terms of their client success stories. Ask them to provide you with their existing clients contact details to whom you can call and verify their claims. Once your verify everything and satisfied then go ahead.
I’ve tried SEO before and it wasn’t effective. What does YaYpLee offer that is different?
We speak for a precise time line of six month service length and never guarantee for the cheapest price. You may not find our price much competitive but they are reasonable. If we fail to deliver result in six month service length then we offer complete waiver of monthly fee for next month onwards by the time result comes up.
Does YaYpLee offer any services other than SEO?
You can contact us for WordPress website development.
What is the single most important thing I should know about YaYpLee?
No cheap price means No fake promises.